Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The big 4000 fans fanpage on Facebook!

It's big, it's huge, it's the largest thing I have ever seen! My friend Melissa tipped me off to this huge collection of sponsors on one little fanpge on Facebook. They are called 'Bless Others With Cards' and are trying to reach 4000 fans. They hope to have enough fans to do a huge giveaway with products from sponsors. I decided to become a sponsor by donating my lime green Kiko plushie from my craftiness by Bethanee line of handmade goods. Here is the cutie, I tried to show it has a fluffy rabbit tail and is fairly big and huggable.

* to enter the grand giveaway start at Bless Others With Cards photo albums, go to 'step 1' then my item is in album 2 here

With this amazing challenge going on I was able to gain over 190 fans within 4 days! I started with just friends and 7 fans on my page, now I have so many I will do a giveaway also. {here is my fanpage on Facebook} I want to give people a chance to see what I make and a giveaway is a blast anyways. But no myster grab bag from me, I will be sharing pictures of exactly what is up for grabs. I'm going to have 2 goodies set up for grabs which include: a felt made item like charm or coin purse, some hand stamped stickers, handmade bookmark from recycled goods, origami spring color ornament and a special discount to use in my Etsy shop. So I hope more people stop by and explore my line of handmade goods and join my fanpage. More details on the giveaway coming soon!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A crafty life

It's been wet, rainy, windy, humid and alternates between cold & hot. So what is a girl to do in this crazy winter(?) weather ~ craft of course! I've been working on a dress from my 'Japanese winter one day sewing' pattern book. It's actually meant to be a jumper sort of top, but I added length and it will fall to about my knees. It has two tiers to it, a yolk and no sleeves. I made my own bias tape for it to use at the neck and arm holes, I must say I like making that stuff.

So beyond sewing I'm getting ready to list new items on my Etsy shop. I made some cards for Valentine's Day that are already up, you can see them here. I have some cute felt food magnets and charms inspired by Asia to list soon. When I'm in the mood (and usually with hot tea) I enjoy mochi, dorayaki and various other yummies. So I figured why not make cute food inspired felt crafts?

** the Japanese pattern book was purchased from Pomdaour24 ~ find her shop here