Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A crafty life

It's been wet, rainy, windy, humid and alternates between cold & hot. So what is a girl to do in this crazy winter(?) weather ~ craft of course! I've been working on a dress from my 'Japanese winter one day sewing' pattern book. It's actually meant to be a jumper sort of top, but I added length and it will fall to about my knees. It has two tiers to it, a yolk and no sleeves. I made my own bias tape for it to use at the neck and arm holes, I must say I like making that stuff.

So beyond sewing I'm getting ready to list new items on my Etsy shop. I made some cards for Valentine's Day that are already up, you can see them here. I have some cute felt food magnets and charms inspired by Asia to list soon. When I'm in the mood (and usually with hot tea) I enjoy mochi, dorayaki and various other yummies. So I figured why not make cute food inspired felt crafts?

** the Japanese pattern book was purchased from Pomdaour24 ~ find her shop here

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