Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A thankful holiday

To one and all, may you have a holiday full of thanks and warm eats. Don't forget the conversations, hugs and laughter too!
After the holiday craze of this week I will hopefully post a tutorial about gift wrapping! I'm not shopping this season {if I can help it}, no long hours in line and headaches from traffic. I'm making homemade gifts to give from my kitchen.
my gift wrapping & new logo!

I have made soap so far and plan to also make some easy lip balm too. Above is my easy gift wrap with very few supplies. You will need: parchment paper, decoravtive (think scrapbooking) paper, ribbon, thread, gift tag and tape. The tag you see was a free print-from-home one found at Creature Comforts site. There are so many whimsical and cute lables to pick from!
And that is a small version of my new logo for 2012. I designed it myself except for the flowers in the full version. But until then you just have to live with my current design found in my Etsy shop. Which - by the way - is having a 30% off SALE on select goods!

Monday, November 7, 2011

New state, new to-do's

Hello everyone, sorry I have been absent for a while. You see, a funny thing happened {and here is the tale}. A month ago, out of the blue, my hubby got a call for a job interview. It was for a well known food brand in Kentucky, they found his info online and wanted him in ASAP. Well we knew this could be a great oppertunity, so he accepted the interview and out he went to KY. He goes, has interview, comes home and... we wait. We nearly gave up thinking they had no interest in him. But lo and behold ~ they called him back and made a job offer! So in about 6 weeks time we gave notice, arranged for the move, had stuff packed and hauled and traveled through 3 states to reach Kentucky!

As you can see I had a pocket sized traveling buddy for the trip. When we would stop for a break {since we did travel with furry pets} I'd take a picture of the area with pocket Buddha here. We went through mountains, had frosty mornings and a little bit of flurries. But it's sunny autumn weathere here in Kentucky for the most part.
So now I have to unpack my craft supplies and shop goods. I plan to re-open my Etsy shop soon enough with a continued holiday sale. Select items will be on sale starting at 30% off and probably going up from there. So this year I hope you buy or make handmade gifts to give! It's all the more special and personal to give a unique gift to someone you care about.