Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hello class, I'm your teacher

Wow, what a good start to a new year! I found myself with a few etsy shop sales, gaining wonderful new fans on my fan page ~ and now, sewing teacher! So how did this come about anyways? Good question, so here is your answer!
My girlfriends suggested it actually. I had mentioned how well I've been feeling on a doctor approved treatment plan (for Fibromyalgia, which I have). I mentioned my desire to try to work again but... I couldn't work even part-time hours yet. It put's a lot of strain on me working PT hours. So my friends suggested "Why not try teaching at a craft store?" Yes, why not!
I had to fill out an application like everyone else, plus other things to ensure my background history and such. I am a 'contract instructor' for JoAnn Fabric & Crafts, this means I do as many *or as few* teaching of class courses in their store. I have over 20 years of experience in sewing & crafting. I started learning from age 5 or 6 on the sewing machine and other handy craft skills. They asked me to bring in several different examples of my current work, plus why I wanted to teach.
the classroom in the store, sewing machines are provided

I have so far taught: two classes (an adult one and kids one) plus a weekend 'open house' held in the store. If you live near a JoAnn's you can find out from the store when a open house is held. It's a great way to meet the class teachers in person, ask any questions, see sample work and sign up for a class or two.
I meet all the teachers on my first open house weekend. It was a delightful time meeting new students and learning about the other courses offered. Classes range from sewing, crochet, jewelry making and into cake decorating and advanced courses (for the seasoned crafter).
the open house greeting table
Here is the sample work I brought in to showcase: tote bag from freehand pattern, drawstring bag from fat quarters. I teach a basic adult sewing class and it comes with supplies (like fat quarters: pre-cut fabric squares)
my purple tote bag,  fat quarters drawstring bag, upcoming course pamphlet 

Please note: as an instructor under contract I only receive pay for teaching NOT for blogging or sharing in other media outlets. My blog is purely for fun and sharing my experiences. Other craft stores offer this to the public as well, like Michael's, Ben Franklin's and perhaps even Hancock Fabrics. If you have the skill and experience and want to teach, please call your local store and simply ask them! Often they need someone who specializes in one area to follow the course outline and teach their students. 
I have another adult class to teach next week, so I'm starting to get busy. I'm also working on my own stuff at home (I'll share next time) like some hair ties for spring and a upcycled shirt into infinity scarf!