Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lisette blouse top

It's still summer, still warm & humid. But I think... yes, it's starting to cool down some (just a little). I will take that as a sign autumn will soon arrive! I love the change in seasons, I like switching out my wardrobe and bringing out seasonal decorations. Sometimes I find season appropriate projects to work on or even some holiday gifts.
Well I had been waiting for a while to sew a blouse top by Lisette patterns (by Simplicity). I don't know why I waited so long ~ perhaps I felt the project would be daunting. Well surprise, surprise - it wasn't! It was one of the better patterns I've worked with when it comes to sewing clothing.

Lisette pattern #2211

Now when you make clothing, you pick a size according to your measurements. I decided to go for size 14 on this one. Only after I got it together did I realize... I could have gone down to a size 12. Sometimes you only learn by trial and error! I did a tuck in here and there (at the shoulders & sides) and it fits just fine. I used 100% cotton fabric for my top, which sometimes can make clothes a bit boxy. But some cottons are more light weight, so it depends on the fabric you pick and what it's made from. The pattern suggested anything from cotton to linen would be just fine. 

Lisette blouse top, finished

I bought a bunch of the Lisette patterns at a pattern sale (at my local JoAnn's). I'm so happy I did since I can no longer find a few of their patterns online anymore. I snagged some patterns for clothing: pants, shorts, skirt, long and short sleeve tops, dresses. They also had a pattern for several different sized bags, so I picked that also. Although I make bags for my etsy shop (found here at sewingB on etsy) I swear they are the hardest thing to sell! And I love to make them ~ maybe I just need to gift them to my friends as presents, hmm?

My next project might be a Simplicity skirt! I'm torn between another clothing project of maybe a small bag or clutch? Honestly, I have fabric just sitting around waiting to be sewn into stuff. 

possible next project?

I'm still selling handmade items in the local boutique in my city. I hope to pop in shortly and see how my necklaces are selling. I also have new things to bring in, see if the owner would put them on commission. I've been stitching these doodle sketches on fabric, then leave them on the hoop. That way I can add pretty ribbon and a person could hang them up to display. I'd like to bring in four total, so far I have a finished Doe and am working on a Bluebird. 

stitched Doe
I hope everyone has been having a relaxing summer and are looking forward to a new season! I might do a sale in my etsy shop soon, not certain yet ~ I will keep you posted!