Thursday, June 12, 2014

Little sewing purse

Sometimes you don't want a big sewing project. The smaller, easier the better! So I tried my hand at a small project: a little purse with key ring. The pattern was from a zakka sewing book, the one I've been drooling over for like 2 months now. It was actually smaller then I was used to working with so I made mine about 1" larger in overall size.
the finished purse

large enough to hold lip balms & cards
I used a peal metal snap closure on mine since I disliked the full zipper suggested in the book. I also found that trying to sew the bias tape edge by machine didn't.... so smoothly. I ended up sewing that edge on by hand or else the back side wouldn't be stitched on properly. You could use any fabric you want and I decided to mix and match my prints on both sides. 
It's been a fun project for lazy start of summer. Since the hand stitching takes up much time I may reserve these as holiday presents and gifts. Sometimes you make things so nicely you can't bare to sell them!
a bright one being sewn

this might be best for a teenager
I hope to sew some clothing this summer, once I regain my crafting room. Yep, it is still being lived in by the rescue kitty and kittens I am watching.

yep, still have kittens galore!