Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The holidays have begun

Well the weather outside... can't make up it's mind! We have had hail in October, early snow storm in November - now it goes between late spring-like weather to winter again. And when it gets cold I just want to stay snuggled in a warm blanket and hot tea.
I have been working on a few things. I finally listed my necklaces in my Etsy shop ~ two have sold within the first week! So do stop over and grab one before they are gone. All hand crafted by me and from a smoke-free home.
my cat eye glasses necklaces

my round glasses necklaces

only two mustache necklaces are left! 

My newest crafting pursuit has become felting with needle. I had tried this at one time many years back (more then a decade ago) and wanted to try it again. I found an adorable hedge hog kit with all the tools I needed: felting needle, colored wool and a foam square pad for working on. I found my kit at Michael's craft stores and was able to use a 50% off coupon for it. The supplies are very affordable and the kit is a wonderful way to start learning.

felting hedge hog

I decided my hedge hog needed a texture for 'fur' so I am using wavy, textured yarn. I made my ears from flat felt (sold in a 8x11" square) then used the needle to attach them. I have started watching video tutorials to learn new techniques and projects to make. I like videos by Flying Mio and also ones by Maqaroon. They are really easy to do once you have a little practice, you can make almost anything with needle felting! 

Malea the cat, adopted! 

And a happy announcement! After more then a year in foster homes with my feline rescue group, Malea the cat has been adopted by a friend of mine. She is considered a senior cat since she is older then 5 years in age. She had grown a tad chubby and had to be put on a special cat food and diet. But have no doubt, she is the sweetest girl with the most friendly demeanor. I'm so happy she has taken to her new family without a hitch. If you are able to this winter season, please donate or volunteer with local charities and groups that have meaning to you. The only way these groups succeed is by help from volunteers and donations. Have a safe, healthy and thankful holiday weekend! 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Up and coming crafts, my pets

Is it really November already? How time can fly by when autumn arrives! Just an update on a few things I am working on for my etsy shop CraftinessbyB.

my felt fox mascot
I am inspired by many things, be it from a pattern book or something I saw. Sometimes it's children's things that get me thinking "I can make that into something else!" I saw these adorable felt animals as finger puppets in a crafting magazine. And I thought I'd do my own design of the animal but make them into little plush mascots. They will sit upright and be just big enough for a desk or bookshelf. And to make them a little more attractive I am doing a lot of machine sewing for them. I love to hand stitch but sometimes it's too much to do an entire project that way. Above is a fox in orange, I also plan to make a deer and maybe a polar bear.

my hand drawn greeting card
I have two new holiday greeting card designs. You might figure out the above one fairly easily. I draw my cards by hand then do colored pencils and water colors. I'd like to have these completed soon if I can get my home printer to cooperate again. 

And of course I have these distractions around my house (ie: the pets). I swear they make it their daily mission to keep from completing projects in a timely manner. But that's ok just look at how cute they are!
don't read pet me instead!

my boy cat Howl just wants to nap