Thursday, November 26, 2015

This season - BUY Handmade

This year, instead of something you can buy that everyone else will have ~ why not try ᏂaᏁDᎷaᎴᏋ, local & small businesses. 

It's not going to be "cheap" and rarely on sale. You are buying quality gifts, by skilled craftsmen & artisans. The gift didn't go through hundreds of hands, in a sweat shop, in a foreign country, traveling thousands of miles to a store. 

It is local, USA made, by a person who knows and practices a skilled trade. 
My own shop is stocked and ready, so are others on Etsy :: Meylah :: ArtFire and more online shops. 

I do CፈᏬᏕᏖᎧᎷ orders, please inquire early!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Cat rescue group, bandannas

The cat group I took a hiatus from in early summer? Well, I've returned! Can't stay away from those homeless kitties for too long. I'm helping with adoption events and some sewing. They have additional sewing & crafty volunteers, so I am not overwhelmed by the requests.

So here are a few photos of them in the stylish bandanna I am making. They are on lingerie elastic, so they are never tight and fit like a collar.

This white kitty is my own cat, Howl. He pretty much models anything I make ~ he loves the attention and not having to get up.