Thursday, May 15, 2014

I give you a post on adorable kittens

I swear Kentucky just hops over springtime. It stays a few weeks, then we just go right into the heat and humidity! Does anyone else live where it feels like that transition between seasons can be short?

Well any who ~ my spare craft room is rather full. Oh yes, fostering cat and kittens is a chore! But really now, it's probably the best chore to ever have *ha!* Everyday the adorable kittens get a little bigger and mom cat is super affectionate.

foster mom cat, Emma
Emma cat, whom I named after blessed patron Emma (of lost families) was taken from a high kill shelter the day she had her litter! And on the way out, she adopted two orange kittens from a cat whom could not be taken. She immediately took to her adopted kittens, now the entire litter is a family. Now for what you really want, 14 day old kitten photos. 
litter has two tabbies, both boys

two orange kittens, both boys

one tortoise color, a girl

one all black with this white spot, a girl

the orange ones get some bottle time

the kitten pile of adorableness!

Emma and litter are staying until the end of June. Kittens are not available for adoption until the are: over 7 weeks in age, over a certain weight, weaned from mom, eating solids. So my craft room is a little noisy with a lot of fur. I finished more necklaces for the local boutique, four of the fifteen have sold! And I have a cute small project in the works from the awesome Love to Sew: Zakka style gifts by Cecilia Hanselmann.