Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer crafting, easy style

It's summertime and it's very hot & humid in N.C. So what is a girl to do? Spend all day in a rather hot crafting room - ummm, no. Instead I have been doing several crafty things by freehand often on the comfort of the sofa (with ceiling fan above).
To start I've been on a sort of jewelry binge, bent on making my own stuff. I do have pierced ears but I've been wearing ear cuffs for most of the summer now. I purchased one on Etsy in rose gold and decided "I could make something similar!" and boy did I ever! Singles and pairs, I've been making shapes and designs from things I've seen or simply tried my hand at.

Silvertone loop ear cuff

My handmade ear cuffs: loopy heart, simple double cuff, goldtone long twist and silvertone long twist

That is one of a pair in silvertone (pic with me in it), I much prefer goldtone myself but either works. It's very easy to play and design your own with limited supplies. All I use to make my own is: small jewelry pliers, 24 gause beading wire (any shade you love), a pen and time to play. The pen I often use to shape the curve of the ear cuff then I adjust it as needed with pliers. And you should have time set aside to play with this, I spent time just figuring out designs or how to shape the wire. The 24 gauge wire is not very stiff but will keep it's shape nicely.

I also have been sewing small things by hand with freehand drawn patterns. If you are anything like myself you have loads of random sized scrap fabric. I love to make small charms to put on things (purses, zipper pulls). And after making a bunny plush for a niece due in October *congrats to my brother & his girlfriend!* I decided to make a smaller one for a charm. Ok, so I also made a heart one too!

Bunny for my soon-to-arrive niece

Fabric charms of bunny & xo heart

Not just fabric charms and ear cuffs I've made but also anklets. Ribbon, leather, beads - anything goes for a fun anklet. I purchased simple metal jewelry clasps and links (see below pic) to put these on/off with ease. 

Ribbon anklet in green with blue glass bead & navy leather anklet with waves bead

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summers! And a big "Hello!" to Kat over at Zakka Inspired blog :D