Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn arrives, what I'm up to

The change in weather is so welcome, Autumn has arrived! This is our second Autumn in Kentucky, last year it came a little earlier then this. But none the less ~ good bye heat of Summer! Here is the view where we live (from 2011) isn't it pretty?

So layers abound and hot cider is abundant! I'm already wondering what to make for my shop that is winter holiday themed. I might forgo that to simply add the things I've been working very hard on, like the 'zakka' inspired goods I have finished. 
Bags, coasters, barrettes & cell case ~ available soon for purchase!
I finally finished the larger bag from my favorite book "one-piece wearables" which comes with full patterns. I adjusted it to it has pockets on just one side plus a smaller interior pocket. I adored that squash colored fabric but it wasn't quite right for a top (a bit thick in weight). 

In my spare time I've been flipping through some of my sewing/crafty books. I have quite the collection now, some I've only enjoyed reading and haven't even done a project from! This year I've started to learn about applique. My book 'Scandinavian Stitches' by Kajsa Wikman has a lot of new applique for me to learn. Some is beginner while others (like a quilt) is left for the future. 

Just a few of my sewing books
My favorite for simple clothing 'One Piece Wearables'

My current hand stitched project is a top. It had this terribly itchy shoulder seam inside. I couldn't stand it - but I love the top! So what to do, you might ask? Well, I went ahead and cut out the shoulders and hand stitched new cotton fabric in it's place. I'm really pleased with this creative solution ~ I hope others will give it a whirl *and save a beloved top!*

My in-process shoulder repair!
So that crafty folks ~ is what I've been up to these past few weeks. I'm enjoying the transition from Summer into cool Autumn, foliage and all. The chilly mornings, the sunny days and the change in seasons. For those gearing up for the holiday shopping I hope you will stop by my etsy shop, sewingB. I have a coupon code for you to save 15% on any order placed, just type in AUTUMN at checkout!