Tuesday, May 2, 2017

DIY from barrette to headband (crystals)

Hello, happy Beltane to those who observe it! Spring has arrived and the birds sing, the trees are in bloom and the flowers are beautiful.

So this DIY I'm sharing is something I tried and it worked. I simply had a big, bulky barrette with crystals on it and wanted a headband instead! You will need a piece of hair decoration that you want to transform into something else. I had the barrette and I also had a spare plain headband. You will need pliers and some jewelry wire for this as well. I used some ribbon at the end but that's optional. 

First step is to remove the crystals (or maybe you found one with beads) using the pliers. Place the removed paces aside - be careful to not poke yourself with exposed wire!

supplies all ready

remove pieces and set aside

Now with your crystals all removed, you can decide how you want them arranged on your headband. I simply laid my headband on the table and started to place the crystals how I liked them. They could be in order of size or shape, whatever you prefer.

place your pieces how you like

Now the jewelry wire comes into play. You will need to twist a end of the wire around the headband, then proceed to add a crystal. You add a crystal, twist wire around headband once, then add a crystal. You do this until all the pieces are attached to the headband.

crystals wired onto headband

The optional part is you can leave this with the wire exposed or you can cover it. I covered my wire with some ribbon that matched the headband (in this case, brown). I started at one end and I decided to glue the ribbon on with a dot of glue. I let it dry, then wrapped the ribbon over the exposed wire - all the way across the headband. I simply glued it again at the other end. An alternate is to stitch the ribbon on, wrap, then stitch again. 

I used E6000 glue

the ribbon is wrapped!

I am so pleased with how this came out! It's not bulky and uncomfortable as it was when the crystals where on the barrette. You can do this to many things, perhaps an old necklace with beads you'd like on a headband. 

my calico kitty approves

the finished piece

I hope you've enjoyed this DIY and want to try making some new things. It's fairly easy to make and doesn't require much in supplies. It stayed on well and I might try this again sometime. I hope you have a good start to May! Be sure to check out my photography, my Pinterest & Etsy shop!