Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Welcome Summer, Vest repairs, baby gift

Let's all give a warm (ha, get it?) welcome to the summer season! It's hot, it's humid and you want to stay indoors and in the cool breeze of a fan. So what have I been working on? Plenty of things, that's for sure! Of course stop by my Instagram to view weekly things I do or share about.

Each season I enjoy decorating and celebrating the season. On June 21st we had Summer Solstice, which did these photos for and a staff.

summer decor

summer solstice

I've been sewing, crafting and doing repairs to thrifted clothing I already own. The vest above needed some TLC recently. The piping on this (the edging) was frayed and just falling apart with time. So how do you repair that? Well I wasn't going to tear apart the piping edge on this! Instead, I find a simple (beginner. easy) solution that can be done in an afternoon. 

a paint brush and puff paint

before & after

I purchased puff paint to make repairs with. I used a dark brown shade which matched perfectly! With the use of a paint brush, I could simply dip it in puff paint, then paint the piping. This left a nice smooth coverage and no more frays or cracks! Just put down a little paper and use a wide brush, easy as that.

plush toy pattern design

I am also working on a toy plush for a friends soon-to-be baby boy (due in autumn). I based this off Nightwing from the Teen Titans series. Since it's for an infant I kept a simple round pillow shape to it. I am going to use flannel fabric, felt and sew it mostly by machine. I try to never put any pieces that an infant can tear off - safety first! So no buttons, ribbons or the like. I only recently cut the pattern pieces out and traced them onto fabric.

If you are in the mood to shop for handmade gifts, do visit my Etsy shop (linked in the side bar). I have over 35 items for sale currently. I have felt creations, plushes, hair accessories, upcycled clothing and much more! Support small business, support artisans and gift handmade when you can. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Spring equinox, Instagram, Bee house

Hello and how are you? Spring has arrived and summer is on it's heels. I broke out the floral crown for spring equinox ~ I even had something special in store for my weeping cherry blossom tree.

I celebrated the new season by dressing in pastels and turning my tree into a Maypole! I broke out the ribbon and went about braiding it around the trunk. It came out really lovely and I kept it up for a few days in the nice spring weather. 

Spring Equinox

my Maypole tree

I wrapped the ribbon at the top and began braiding it around the trunk as I went down. You can treat this like you might a French braid or a four strand braid. Or you can just wrap it in alternating directions downward. At the bottom I simply tied a bow with my ribbons. 

Fun was had, the weather was wonderful and I enjoyed myself. If you like daily or weekly photos, videos and DIY's please stop by my Instagram! I have one devoted to crafting, which is the Craftiness by B one (see my links in the side bar). For non-crafty things I have an Instagram for that as well, which is my BerthaBee Photography. I share natural beauty, health, animals & pets, vintage and other styles I'm enjoying. 

Now for more projects I've been up to! A top project I had was to paint and hang up my bee house. I bought one from a local hardware store this spring. It's made with bamboo wood and is meant to encourage wild bees to turn it into their hive. I painted the roof red because... I needed a way to find it in my wooded backyard. But also to encourage bees to investigate it (red is bright like flowers). I hung it up and am awaiting the new bee house guests. 

bamboo bee house

I used acrylic paints with a water based sealant. This way it can hold up well over the months in various weather. Due to it being made with bamboo, it's unlikely to rot any. And the round bamboo pieces inside are there to encourage a hive to take up. Now that all the flowers are blooming I do hope to see some bees move in soon enough!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Thrifty fun, alterations and kitty wings!

Hello, and since it's today ~ Happy Spring Equinox! 

I have been going through my wardrobe the past several weeks. Weeding out clothing I no longer wore, had out grown style-wise or just found to be too worn out. I always donate my gently worn clothes to several local places. And of course, I end up at the thrift store seeking new clothes! It's my number one place for gently worn, pre-shrunk clothing finds. 
In doing that I often find pieces I love but want to improve upon. It could be a simple change in buttons or altering it to fit my figure better. If something is too small you can add width in several places. The first can be at the zippers, which I will touch upon next month (currently doing just this to a skirt!). The second is to add width under too-tight arms. Some are very easy alterations for any beginner while others can be more involved.
Here is a pretty blouse I picked from the thrift store recently. It's vintage, I suspect from the 60's and the white buttons it came with just had to go.

I took the original white buttons with me shopping at a craft store. I picked the same size to fit the current button holes. I simply cut the old ones off and added the new black buttons. It's all done by hand and is an easy change for any beginner seamstress.

here is the thrifted blouse with new buttons

My other fun project was new kitty wings for my fluffy cat who wears a harness (because he is a puppy cat!). In the past I have made him fairy wings, which I have shared in a post with adorable photos. But since I made the dog a dragon wing cape last year, my cat needed some too. 

dragon wings for my cat

These are very light weight and made from pipe cleaners and tulle. I hand stitched around the wire to make sure the tulle didn't come of. If you follow me on Instagram (click my side link to find it) you can see videos of my pets and my cat in this adorable winged costume!

dragon cat

I hope spring is arriving for you soon enough! Our flowers are trying to poke up from under a blanket of frost and a dusting of snow. Do visit my many links to keep up with me on a weekly basis. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Decor, a Sleep mask and my Pets

Hello and welcome to 2018! I know, several weeks late and almost a month so (ha haha!). Winter has been a mixture of storms, warm spells and my pets having little colds. I know, the poor fur babies!

So if you have not paid my etsy shop or Instagram a visit ~ you should! I update with photos, new listings and projects I am working on. I also enjoy posting short videos of projects, techniques or things I have found in craft stores. You can also keep up with me on those places since I enjoy posting often.

my DIY fawn sleep mask
An ongoing project is my Fawn sleep mask. This is a project I've had going since last month. I used a homemade pattern based off a current sleep mask I have. From there I sketched ideas of what I wanted to make, coming to the idea of a fawn or deer. I used cotton printed fabric, flannel for the back (against your eyes) and felt for the ears and antlers. You can use any elastic for the piece that goes around your head, I used soft elastic used for clothing.

I also made a new front door decoration for the coming of spring. I based it on Saint Brigid's cross. She is often associated with Ireland and Gaelic stories and lore. Her cross is unique in it's shape and is weaved from many types of materials. I used faux grass reed, flower and ribbon for my decor. And on the back I did add some glued spots to keep it together in the outside weather. 

my St.Brigid's cross

So far no birds have decided to use my decor for their nests. It was an afternoon project that I greatly enjoyed making. You can also find many tutorials online about how to weave the middle cross part. Once you get the hang of it it's not too difficult for children to learn as well. Mine is hung on my front door but can also be made smaller and hung on the hearth of ones home.

And now for my pets - goodness me! Our calico got sick and needed medicine. And if you have a large cat (she is 13 pounds) you know what a challenge it is to trick them into taking it. The dog got quite sick after a vet visit, we think he caught something while there. The poor boy, you could tell how uncomfortable he was. Off to the vet (again) to give him medication and a shot, he has since recovered. And the boy cat, my fluffy mutt. He surprised us all! He is newly diagnosed as diabetic. The veterinary first suggested we try a special RX food for him. We return for a follow up next month to see if insulin daily will be the next step.

my boy, Howl cat
So next month I hope to share more projects, new listings in my shop and pet updates! Be well friends. Please be sure to visit my Etsy shop and Instagram, links on the side bar.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Decorations, Felt Ornaments & DIY sleep mask

Hello and happy holidays! Winter has arrived and we already have five inches of snowfall. The air is crisp and the birds are out in song. I wanted to share some of my holiday decorations inside and outside.

letters ready to send

metal rustic star, front door

My front door has a big red rustic star! I bought it plain (already painted) and surprisingly on discount for early December. I used wide ribbon and green bells to add a festive look. During other holidays I can switch the ribbons or put faux flowers on this. You can find most seasonal decorations at craft supply stores or even large shopping stores.

my wooden banner with lights (kitty is not for decoration, ha!)

I bought some lovely wooden banner pieces last year. They came plain and I glued scrap paper on the front, then cut around them. They come in many shapes to pick from too, so you can make some for other occasions or holidays. 

fawn on mantle

The branch tree also came plain. I made garland from fabric scraps and added some ribbon. The berries are faux and on little wires, so you can place them anywhere. These come in other shapes, sizes and are very affordable. Round of globe shaped ones could be hung from a ceiling and could even contain lights.

felt gnome ornaments

felt mistletoe

This year I made some new ornaments for my Etsy shop. The first three are gnome ornaments! Each is different and has delicate hand stitched faces. They have a small bell at the top and are about 4.5" in length. The felt mistletoe is available in two shades: dark sage and light sage. They have beautiful matte beads for berries. Each is topped by a glitter red ribbon and are about 5" in length. If you want to view more photos or make a purchase please visit my Etsy shop

Coming soon I will be sharing a DIY for beginners: sleep mask! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some photos up about it. I will be making a post devoted to the making of it, along with directions and photos. You can trace your current sleep mask for a pattern or sketch your own (I promise it's not difficult!). And you will be able to use scrap fabric or just fat quarters. 

So that should catch you up for this month of crafting! I hope you are having a festive season with sweet treats and much crafting.