Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Update your clothes, DIY top

Happy new year everyone! I hope it finds you well and enjoying the winter days. A project I have done is great for beginners and a DIY. You don't need a sewing machine for this one, it is hand stitched. If you can not sew, you can use fabric glue (but buttons are best sewn on). My local library has a wonderful selection of crafting books. I found one all about vintage inspired alterations!

The cute book is called 'Chic on a shoestring' and has an array of DIY simple projects. Many can be done in a few hours or an afternoon, depending how quick a study you are. Now what I worked on was how to add to a shirt you already own. I decided on a plain stripe boat neck top that I love.
I wanted to add some embellishment for this simple top. I started by playing with some dark navy ribbon and adding buttons. I suggest hand stitching but you can try glue if you prefer.

I have these big octopus steampunk buttons and random vintage buttons. So I just stitched the ribbon and played with it some. I added the buttons last then stitched them in place. If it helps your embellishment to stay in place better, try adding a piece of felt behind it, so the whole thing is attached to something. 

Now my top had buttons already by the wrist of the sleeve. I removed the buttons and added navy ribbon. And if you wanted to add buttons here (as I did) you can after the ribbon is on. I wanted my top to have a whole new personality to it and played around some.

After my sleeve ribbon and buttons where in place, I had to decide on the embellishment (with the octopus button). I did pin this in various places to see what I liked best. I ended up with it on one side, almost as if it were a brooch. Once you pick the placement pin in place and hand stitch to your shirt. It's really that easy! Other alternative ideas is ribbon down the center of a top and buttons by the neck line. You honestly can not go wrong when adding to a top!

I am sure to be sharing more books on clothing and patterns in the coming new year. I hoep you feel inspired to give new life to some old clothes you may have.