Monday, January 14, 2013

Cute kitten Monday!

New year right, so new things might be in the works! Not only do I have a good S*A*L*E going on (my shop HERE 15% Off) I have already made two sales this year! I hope a lot of my goods go to new homes so I can make room for some new items.
Also, my big goal: I hope to get involved with a local animal shelter. I have mentioned in the past I enjoy volunteer work, such as fostering kittens. You welcome in a kitten up for adoption, they become socialized and learn the ropes. Here are two we fostered being adorable!
Tohru (girl) was adopted out quickly

Sookie (girl) was our first *foster* and also adopted quickly

I know, look at the faces! I take the photos myself, send them to the person in charge of their web page and they share them. This helps the kittens become featured on the page for any upcoming adoption events. 
But yes, back to what I'd like to do. I'm going to talk to a person about possibly donating handmade toys for the kitties awaiting new homes. I also want to offer up my photography services ~ take pics of cute kitties playing with toys. I can use my Facebook fan page to show off these adorable boys and girls with my donated toys and link directly to the groups page! I think it would be a great match: my hand sewing talents for kitties in need, then use my own page to help them get adopted out and bring attention to the group. 
I have to arrange to talk to the right person in charge to see if this can be done. If it can do this, you will be seeing some "Awww! So CUTE!" photos on my fan page and here. Maybe I will make it into something like 'Cute kitten Mondays' to start off a week just right.

Friday, January 4, 2013

SALE starting Jan 7, 2013

Get the New Year off to a good start ~ visit my shop for a 15% Off SALE starting Jan 7th. Please note, the coupon code will not be activated until the 7th.
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