Thursday, September 25, 2014

DIY customized sneakers!

A simple DIY project to customize your very own kicks (or sneakers). This project does involve sewing with a curved needle - which may not be suitable for unskilled crafters and smaller children. You can use fabric glue instead, which I will include in the directions.

You will need for this:
- fabric sneakers, similar to those famous canvas types (or any old one you like, I used a pair bought at Target)
- stash fabric, a smaller piece big enough to cover the area on the sneaker you want to
- a curved needle, often an upholstery needle is good and tough for this / alternately, you can use fabric glue instead of sewing
- straight pins and a fabric marker (optional)

My photo is below the instructions, I ended up adding steps to help you make these! 

1.) To start, decide what part of the sneaker you want to cover in fabric. For mine, I wanted to cover just the heel of the sneaker. You can either lay the fabric piece over the heel (as I did) and trace the shape with a fabric marker ** these will fade away on their own OR with a little soap & water ** or you may use paper to trace it.

2.) Next you want to cut the fabric with the traced shape on it. You want to cut at least 1/4" outside the shape you traced, you need some fabric to fold under and sew/glue onto the shoe (this keeps any frayed edges from being exposed).

3.) You want to pin the fabric piece to the shoe. You may have to wiggle it around, move it here and there, to get it to lay nicely. I just stuck the straight pins standing up, to keep the fabric the way I wanted. Be sure to tuck that 1/4" of fabric underneath, this helps prevent any frayed edges from being exposed.

4. Sewing) To sew the fabric on, use the curved sewing needle. I just started at one side and slowly worked my way around. The fabric shoe should have fabric on the outside and probably a tougher (thicker) fabric on the inside. You want to sew just to the outside fabric - since it will be on your foot, don't worry too much if stitches are uneven.

4. Gluing) To glue the fabric on, use the glue as directed. Some is quick dry, others you may have to hold in place a while before it takes. Start at one edge and work around, tucking under that 1/4" of fabric as you go. This method is best for beginners and children - but please, don't glue your fingers together! You can easily wear gloves to do this safely (and without a mess).

5.) And that is it, I hope you can have a fun time decorating and customizing your own kicks!

I added flat lingerie elastic instead of laces, they stretch and are oh so pretty. You can find lingerie elastic on Etsy at a super affordable price.

And in exciting news, my shop item was featured in an Etsy Treasury List!! Here is a screenshot of it, it was my felt dango Japanese sweets!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Crafty projects galore! Yukata Obi, Custom Kicks

Summer has started to come to an end ~ but that doesn't mean your crafting should! I will be sharing shortly a few projects that I have done and some How-To's. Here is a preview of what I have in store for you:

I made (yes, from scratch!) my 2nd ever pre tied obi! This one I made to match the yukata (summer kimono) you see in this photo with rabbit print. I plan on sharing more photos of how I went about making this. And if you fancy having one made, I do take custom request orders placed through my etsy shop.

Turn some plain sneakers into custom kicks! I will show you a DIY project of how to add some fabric to your sneakers for a fun, custom style and look. 

For all my geeky, nerdy friends out there ~ I give you... my adorable dog in his Halloween costume! I actually plan to make another costume for sale in my etsy shop - so do keep an eye out for that. He is about 20 pounds, and I have just enough fabric for a 2nd cape K9 costume for a dog of this size.