Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Felties and boutique!

Oh Winter, you have truly out stayed your welcome. Ice storm, snow storms the whole 'arctic' storms - we are no longer friends and you need to leave Winter! I have my fingers crossed Spring is arriving soon, I welcome the muddy season and return of birds.

So I have been up to quite a few things. My most exciting is NEWS! A local boutique has accepted a few of my items for consignment in their shop. They took 8 of my greeting cards, with my own hand drawn images - and a felt bird.

rabbit face greeting card
I drew several animal faces, then I machine stitched them to the cards - the inside I left blank. I thought it was a smart way to do sewing & drawing on one medium. I also brought in some other cards I had made with stamps I had bought, I just love cards. I love sending them, making them & receiving them. 

This same boutique also expressed interest in some other items if I make multiples of them. So some of my felt foodies, felt animals and this new felt hedgehog! I hand painted the button on this fella, I plan to make more in different colors.

felt hedgehog made by hand

And as always, I'm a complete altering-clothes junkie! It's a bit of an addiction I think *laugh!* I love finding a piece of clothing and seeing it in a new way. I tend to adjust collars a lot or the length of sleeves. And when it comes to pants I'm an expert! If you have pants that are too large the best way to adjust is take in the inseam a little. It's not too hard at all and even a beginner can do it! If you need a  visual reference just visit a blog geared towards altering pants or find good instructions (such as this one Alterations Needed). I started by altering clothes I had to fit me better. And if you want to experiment you can purchase something from a thrift store *very cheap!* and have no worries if it comes out funny.