Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Who wears short-shorts? Not me!

It's warm, summer approaches and... it's time for shorts! If you are anything like me, shorts can be a blessing or annoyance. They either make them in my size but too long or my size and way too short. I found some in a almost retro styling - high waist, looks like a short skirt, all cotton. Cute, comfy and almost perfect for summery weather. I found they hit so far up my leg, one wrong bend down to pick up something and "whoops!" I'd flash a stranger!
My solution? Add some length ~ with style! This is very easy and any beginner with a sewing machine can do this. Your supplies: some fabric (I used lace) with a scalloped edge, shorts to add length to, pins, ruler and chalk.
The shorts in question, both flowy knit
And here is the lace fabric of choice. I found these near the lace fabric & wedding fabric at my local JoAnn's. Most stores will have them and often they come on very wide rolls, so you won't need to purchase very much.
What you are seeing is the edges, they were scalloped and won't fray
I took my shorts and decided how much length to add to them. I used chalk and a ruler to mark the lace and where to pin it to the shorts leg opening. I actually layered my lace (like it looks above) so it would not be so sheer.
Here is the lace and my handy ruler
I pinned it around the hem of the shorts, perhaps 1 1/2"s from the bottom of hem. I used my machine to stitch it on, nothing fancy. I just matched the thread so it wouldn't be very visible.
Lace pinned to shorts
This is really a great solution to anything that is too short. I might even try this on shirts that are too short or sleeves I want to lengthen. 
Ready to wear