Friday, March 18, 2011

Felt foodies, what inspired me

"Where do you come up with such things?" I often get asked and usually by family members *laugh* Well my newest adventure is felt magnet & charms inspired by real food. It all started last year after our big vacation trip {cue flashback music... }

Last year we had a big vacation, at least for us. We had planned it for over a year and saved up to go on a big adventure. We would travel 6 hours by plane from NC to CA. And the big trip you ask? To visit San Francisco! We planned it during the Sakura Festival in Japan town plus to explore just a fraction of the surround areas. We stayed near the Pier and everyday must have walked miles and miles. We used public transportation like cable cars, trolleys and buses. Visited the likes of China town, Japan town, Alcatraz Island and so much more.

During this big trip we had a chance to try new foods, which is still new for me. I'm a picky eater, I have picky taste buds, I eat only what I like. I try new food if I want to but I won't if I'm pressured {I don't know what it is... embarrassment if I don't like it?}. We had good eats in China town and took a tour of the area. We tried wanton and I can say this: they were ok but I didn't like the BBQ pork flavor... I need something more mild. While in China town we had  chance to see where they make fortune cookies! It was a small alley with a very small shop. They had doors and windows open, it smelled delicious.

Another place with tasty new foods for us: Japan town! We didn't even explore all these 'towns' had to offer because they were quite large. My noodle bowl bead is modeled after a wonderful dish I had there called 'kitsune' noodle bowl. We also tried mochi for the first time which I have to say goes best with tea. We paid a visit to the Japanese Tea Garden while there which was magically to me. I've never seen anyplace like it before, I would visit every weekend if I lived near it! Here is just a glimpse of what the garden had to offer for visitors. It's also where I tried dorayaki for the first time with Jasmine tea.

Ah yes, someday we shall travel again to San Francisco. There was so much to explore and see and do. And new things always inspire me craft-wise!

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  1. I LOVE San Francisco...we go there at least once a year to visit number 2 son. I want to buy a wok on our next trip but hubby is so practical .. "how are we going to bring it home?!?" .. men don't get it...women don't care about stuff like that...we just make it happen..heh.


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