Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cotton summer blouse

Ahh summer time, for us (in Kentucky) it feels as though it's winding down. Today has been cooler, sunny and even quieter outdoors. The cicada aren't humming as loudly anymore, the tree frogs at night are not as often heard.

So onto the project at hand ~ my finished summer blouse! This was much fun to make, I learned a new seam as well. But first, a few photos and I will then share the pattern and how it went.
I probably mentioned before, but here again - Simplicity pattern #1693 : short sleeves, tank top, 3/4 sleeve blouse tops. 

Please note, the bell-like sleeves. These I had originally not intended to add the elastic to (at the hem). But when I tried it on I noticed, the sleeves were very wide! I didn't like that look so I added some elastic and just made sure they were not tight. It worked out well considering I used cotton fabric for this top - which you can see, wrinkles like nobodies business. But it's meant to be worn and it will be, very much so. It's a comfortable fit for me (I picked the size 12) and have a button closure to the back.

You can not see it but this has a middle back seam. The top openings at the neck (as seen above) and has a simple button closure. Be sure to learn what size pattern is best for you - too small, you won't be able to move your arms - too large, it will be far too lose on your body. I learned the French seam for this top: it leaves no raw seams on fabric inside. The pattern came with easy instructions on how to do this seam. I'd suggest practicing on some scrap fabric before applying this to your sewing project. 
As summer turns to autumn I am already itching to sew another top! This time it's one of my Lisette pattern I purchased on sale earlier this year. It is a 3/4 sleeve top and I was delighted to find some fabric with hints of yellow in it (my new favorite color!). it is this pattern here, the Continental blouse top. I hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer and gearing up for some cooler temperatures! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer sewing, about done

Hi everyone, how has your summer been? We had bouts of rain, then hot sunny days. The cicada have been singing up a storm for weeks now! And at night, I can hear the tree frogs chirping away while lightening bugs (or firefly's) brighten the warm evenings.

So what has been my summer projects? Well, I did the fun chalkboard labels (which are very handy I might add) and then my interest moved to sewing clothing. I tried my pattern on some sample fabric I had, to get the sizing right. If you have not sewn clothes before please note: it is NOT sized like store brand clothing! You have to learn your body measurements before you shop for a clothing pattern. Which brings me to this very handy site with a very handy article on this topic ~ A Fashionable Stitch! Here she discusses in simple terms how to read and find your size before pattern shopping (follow this link). Don't disrepair if you get overwhelmed by the patterns for clothing - many patterns brands now offer step-by-step instructions you can follow online. Here is my sneak peek of the current top I am sewing!

My fabric is a light weight cotton with polka dots on it. I just need to hem and sew the bottom, then add a button and loop at the neckline. The pattern I used is perfect for getting a hang of sewing clothing - I wanted to get into it again so started simple. Simplicity pattern 1693 misses blouses, tank, short sleeve and long sleeve tops. 
And I will be adding more blogs to my list of favorites. I do realize many of the blogs I enjoy no longer have new posts (so sad!). But I found them to be enjoyable, have wonderful crafty info and fun to read. So soon enough I will share my finished top ~ have a good week!