Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Busy bee

Spring has officially arrived ~ and I am officially a busy bee! I finished things, sold things and am working on things. Here is a short view of my current going-on's, enjoy!
Altered my 'Princess Bride' shirt
I had a decade-old tee shirt I absolutely loved! But alas, it was too tight and had gotten stained on the collar. My solution you ask? Add a new collar and fabric to the sides, best alteration ever!

Mustache & retro glasses necklaces
I'm working on five of these cute necklaces. I hope to have them on commission in a local boutique. A friend already scooped up one before I even listed these!

Etsy special order, custom cell phone cases
An etsy order for a customer: two cell (mobile) phone cases. I made them to-order in the size, fabric, closure types they wanted. The fox print is for a girl and the slate blue for a boy.

Fox print for girl, blue for boy
This was my first time adding a strap with metal clasp to a cell case. I'm really happy by the outcome of the project. I had to sew the final pieces on by hand, my sewing machine couldn't reach.

My felt birdie already sold in the local boutique! Here is hoping the coming holidays mean my sewn greeting cards get sold as well. And a lovely friend of mine stopped by for tea and catching up this week. She brought a most wonderful surprise, a new book! It is Love to sew:Zakka style gifts by Cecilia Hanselmann. I honestly had that very book on my wish list since December of 2013 ~ I am beyond delighted to have such a thoughtful friend who gifted me this {thank you H!}

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