Thursday, September 11, 2014

Crafty projects galore! Yukata Obi, Custom Kicks

Summer has started to come to an end ~ but that doesn't mean your crafting should! I will be sharing shortly a few projects that I have done and some How-To's. Here is a preview of what I have in store for you:

I made (yes, from scratch!) my 2nd ever pre tied obi! This one I made to match the yukata (summer kimono) you see in this photo with rabbit print. I plan on sharing more photos of how I went about making this. And if you fancy having one made, I do take custom request orders placed through my etsy shop.

Turn some plain sneakers into custom kicks! I will show you a DIY project of how to add some fabric to your sneakers for a fun, custom style and look. 

For all my geeky, nerdy friends out there ~ I give you... my adorable dog in his Halloween costume! I actually plan to make another costume for sale in my etsy shop - so do keep an eye out for that. He is about 20 pounds, and I have just enough fabric for a 2nd cape K9 costume for a dog of this size. 

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