Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Holidays to you

It's already nearing the New Year! My, how time has flown by this year. I made gifts, made a few new greeting cards and even made a special item for a friends son. My spouse and I both are recovering from colds, it has been slow goings. Thankfully the weather has decided to be warm and Spring-like, which honestly has been a good thing. I have been very busy so here is a review of all the end-of-year goodness going on!

my finished greeting cards
In time for the holidays I finished my blue police box, Tardis greeting cards! It was my way of showing my love for the timeless show I grew up with. I hand drew the image, hand painted it then scanned it into my computer. I sized it down a little then printed copies to sew onto cards & bookmarks.
felt foxes for sale in my shop
I also finished up my felt foxes! One is a dark orange the other a deep red. I hand embroidered the details on their faces and body. Then I machine stitched front to back pieces and they have a wide base (which lets them sit up right). They are so adorable and I loved making them both! You can find them here in my shop for sale. 
plush owl toy for friend

Here is the adorable owl plush toy I made for a long time friends son. I drew up a sketch after she asked me about making an animal plushie. Together we worked out the colors and printed fabric and this is the end result! The face details are felt and machine sewn. The wings can open up and close with velcro. It is shaped a bit like a pillow so it can sit upright or be snuggled with at night. It's big and soft and no pieces should come off (no buttons or choking hazards). I'm excited to ship it out in the next few weeks for her to surprise her boy with.

It's has been an adventurous year for certain. Learning new things to craft, reading new novels, checking out new places and events in my city with my spouse. I hope you have had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed some relaxing time with family and friends. May the new year bring us all good health & happiness! 
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