Thursday, February 5, 2015

Coming soon & DIY pocket warmers!

The days are colder with some icy wind chill here. But I can't complain too much, we only have a dusting of snow. Where as the Northern states have been hit again and again with some big North Eastern storms - some piling as much as 30"s in one night!

dusting of snow

I've made a very 'handy' project already for placing in your mittens of gloves before going outdoors. You might know them as pocket warmers or hand warmers, either way - they are a smart way to stay warm! I found a lovely blog post with instructions for you to enjoy, so please visit RaeannKelly in this handy link {see what I did there?}. When I made my own I used lentil beans instead of rice, but it seems either will work fine. When I heat mine up to warm them, I heated them at 15 seconds in the microwave. Be sure to heat them in short intervals because these can get very HOT and you could accidentally get burnt! For those with small children, please test the pocket/hand warmers yourself first.
my cotton fabric, lentil bean, hand warmers

And I have decided to start selling some new items in my shop. I have an abundant supply of cute, adorable ribbons. I honestly do ~ I find them and buy them, then they just never get used (but oh, do they look cute!). I will be selling them by the 1/2 yard, which is 18 inches length or 45 centimeters (well 45.72 to be exact). I have so many to sell with a various array of brightly colored prints on them. 
I have: mini taxi cabs, mini trucks, loopy hearts, cupcakes, Sakura blossoms, red cardinals and an "I love bacon" one and more. Needless to say, today I am photographing what I plan to list and sell shortly. I am using natural sunlight since I feel it captures the true colors ribbon. 

my selection of ribbons
I hope all is well for my readers. I know how tough winter can be on everyone. From colds to feeling fatigued, it can take a lot out of us. But it won't be long now, Spring is on it's way! Keep crafting and see you again soon enough. 

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