Wednesday, March 18, 2015

First video is up!

It is up and ready for viewing ~ my first YouTube channel video! I'm so excited that I was even able to edit and make this. I know zip about video editing and found a easy, free app to use. My first video was about felting since it was a project I was working on. Here is the link to my YouTube channel and the video.

view of my channel

My channel is public and I will keep it for all ages (so PG content). I want to offer tips, tricks and how-to videos. I have a sneak peek video then the full one up. It's likely to be in that order for each new video: a sneak peek one, then the full one. And fair warning, expect to see my pets often! They are too funny and cute to not share little clips of from time to time. 

My next video might be about making a paper kite that you paint or draw, then piece together. I found a wonderful style rokkaku kite that is Japanese. It is almost a diamond shape and easy to assemble! I love going to the local park and flying my kite on sunny, breezy days. Hopefully when I finish it I can show video of it flying!

soon to be in my Etsy shop!

And listing this week in my Etsy shop, handmade flannel pocket warmers! I made mine with flannel and the back has a cute heart design. They will be a set of 2 total (as seen above). They are filled with dry lentil beans and you warm them in the microwave for 15 seconds. They are great for chilly days or even if you have cold hands in general. They are a decent size and can also be chilled in the freezer for placing on your head if - for example - you have a headache and cool compress helps relieve it. I hope to offer more like these in larger sizes, such as a eye mask style or even a neck wrap. 

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