Monday, February 29, 2016

Spoonflower & Gifts

This sure has been a busy winter for me. I had to wait to share these, since they arrived last week. Baby gifts for some expectant friends!

Flannel and fleece bib, in progress.

I had to make two, since the friends are both due fairly close to each other. One is having a boy and the other a girl. So little baby boy got some cool owls with funky hats. Little baby girl got elephants holding umbrella with a yellow birdie.

Owls for boy, elephants for girl.

I may even make a few bibs to sell in my Etsy shop at some point. I love gifting something handmade but also practical. These can be washed and dried and are easy to wear for baby. 

In other fun news ~ I am finally designing for Spoonflower! You can visit my shop on there at Craftiness by B on Spoonflower. I have one design I am going to try and load this coming week. It's from hand drawn and water color design I did by hand. I've always wanted to see my artwork on fabric. So this is a fun way to try it out and see how it will look for sewing projects. So far I will have one finished design but do have plans for two others soon. 

Spoonflower gives you a chance to put your designs on any number of materials. From stretchy lycra to 100% cotton. I can see my designs on things like bags or little gift ideas. If I get real ambitious, I will design things like "cut out dolls" where it's a pattern already on the fabric. The crafter would simply buy the fabric and it would have all the pieces and instructions printed on it. Cut, sew, there you go! So stay tuned for any future designs I might share with you.

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