Saturday, April 23, 2016

May Day, Fabrics and Floral Crowns

Happy Spring to you! How is it where you live? Here it's been warming up slowly. The geese are vocal on most days, the robins are hopping around in the yard and grass has grown back. Trees are alive with new buds on them and flowers are just barley poking up from the ground.

our dog enjoying a warm day

I have designed and ordered my 2nd fabric design for Spoonflower. If you haven't checked it out yet, I have a shop there now, it's CraftinessbyB on Spoonflower. Once my 2nd design arrives by mail, I photograph it and the listing will be public. That means it will be available for purchase as a fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap! My first design came out so pretty and I've even tried it on at Sprout, where you place your own design (how cool is that?!) on their virtual patterns before buying!

my design on the Zipper Pouch Baggie pattern

Both designs are from hand drawn artwork I made. I then scan it into my computer, adjust it (such as add a solid background color) and then post it to Spoonflower. I hope to one day offer full sized patterns on either 1/2 or 1 yard pieces of fabric. That way you can purchase it, simply cut out the pieces then sew it at home! What would interest you in a hand drawn pattern? Plush/soft toys, bags or something else?

And since it is nearly May now (my, how time flies this year!) I am working on a floral crown for May Day. I love to dress up for festivals and enjoy making my own accessories. The past few years I've shared two other crowns I made, one for summer/autumn, the other (with deer antlers) for winter. This one I'm including ribbon on the back that is about 1 foot or more in length.

May Day (Beltane) floral crown

I hope you are enjoying Spring in all it's green glory. Stay posted on my going on's on my:
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❀*:.✿:*Have a sunny weekend everyone! ❀*:.✿:*

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