Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy DIY Halloween

Are you ready for some ghosts and goblins? No, how about at least some DIY Halloween decorations & projects? Yes ~ then read on my friend!
Well it's cold, a chill is in the air and by the weekend it will be Halloween. I finished our dog's costume (cape) with faux fur and  ~ it's adorable! He loves coats since he has short hair. I give you, Chewbacca!

no Wookies were shaved in the making of this costume

It fits and is held on with wide ribbon and large metal snaps. Easy to get on and off and he is nice and toasty when out in the cold. The entire costume cost less then $10 total in supplies.

Now for the DIY for you! I found some lovely pages out there with many projects. This one is devoted to just decorations for your home. It is called Simplymost and has a large selection to review! From cute banners (be it fabric of paper) similar to this one.... (the DIY is here)

photo from

To melted wax pumpkins, haunted terrarium and floating witch hat luminaries! Certainly a little something for everyone and all ranges from beginner to mid-level/practiced crafter. Most DIY projects no longer require you to spend a lot to create something. Now you can often find the supplies you need right in your craft stash or closet. 

I wish you all a fun, safe & happy haunting weekend ahead! And don't forget to 
nab that discount candy later. 
H A P P Y  H A L L O W E E N!

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