Friday, September 23, 2011

SALE now 20% off ~ thank you friends!

Happy Autumn Equinox! And to celebrate the change in seasons my shop sale includes more goods and deeper discount. Items on sale now are: Clay Beads, Paper Goods and Used Books. Just enter 'MAPLE' at checkout and recieve 20% off those select items!

And here is a very small sneak peek at my coming shop banner. I do plan to switch my shop name but my name of 'CraftinessbyB' will still remain my sort of username. If anyone has an Etsy shop you probably know what I am talking about, how you can't change that name but can change the shop name.

*ha!* I'm not revealing very much am I? Well I want to surprise everyone with what I am personally designing (that ole GD degree at work!). And I don't want to give it all away just yet. This is a time to celebrate the shop I created back in 2008 and give a great going-away party!

And while I'm writing today, some "thank you for being my friend" to amazing crafting buddies I have made online. To Kat over at Zakka Inspired who really does continue to inspire and expand my crafting vision. To Melissa over at MamaLunas whom I know from childhood and have a new bond together over crafting. And to Mai at mairuru who makes amazing goods sewn by hand and always gets back to me if I write here (even if it's months later!). You ladies certainly open my eyes to new crafts, projects and ideas. And its wonderful to have made friends with people who live in places I may never travel to. Happy crafting!

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