Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bee, resident seamstress

I am pretty sure in the past 2 months I have had some seamstress work to do every week. This isn't a bad thing, I'm not complaining. But ever get so caught up in some work you have no time for your projects? Well that's what happened to me. I do comissioned seamstress work for a local karate dojo in our town. It's a wonderful places, family owned and run, students from ages 3 and up. I always feel welcome their and truly enjoy the sewing I do for them (which ranges from sewing on patches to hemming pants).
So I finally got around to my own projects recently ~ hooray! I finished one that had been begging to be completed and worn. It is an apron from a fabric dish towel *a new one* and scrap fabric. The apron (below) I plan to share in a how-to-make tutorial soon.

Now the other project I finally got to was a top from a new pattern book. I am gaga for this book I found on ~ it has stolen my little sewing heart! I can admit it, sometimes I stink at making clothes from traditional patterns. The lovely book is (find it here) called "One-piece wearables" 25 chic garments & accessories. It is single-pattern pieces, comes with the full size cut out patterns. It is very easy to follow even for a novice at sewing clothes. Many of the patterns only require 2 yards or less of fabric and often has you hem or use bias tape on raw edges. I may have been learning to sew from a young age but clothes always were the most dificult to sew. At least with these patterns I can easily adjust them to fit my size, like add length or tuck in at the bust some. Below is my first top from the book, pattern "one pocket top" which I think I finished in about 3 days and took my time with.
With the nice autumn weather moving in I forsee much blogging and sewing in the near future. I hope people stop by my Etsy shop as I continue the sale and try to get some orders by the holiday rush!


  1. I am loving your apron and new blouse! I have been wanting to sew me something from a pattern but haven't found anything I like yet...thanks for sharing your book find!!

  2. Thank you Kat :) That pattern book is very simple clothing patterns. I think anyone with little knowledge of clothing paterns would easily get the hang of it. The apron was fun to make, I even went for a 'zakka' style.


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