Friday, March 23, 2012

To sew a travel sewing kit

Like that title? *laugh* Well a while back I think it was Zakka Inspired blog that had a really cute sewing kit mentioned. I remember asking Kat (the blogger and my distant crafty friend) about the kit and any tutorials she knew of. She shared this link for a DIY travel kit by Soap Deli News.
Image from Soap Deli News with permission from owner
You only need a few supplies for this DIY kit: felt, thread, fabric (if you want to mix it in) and the sewing supplies. You can easily make this as big or small as you'd like to fit your supplies. Below is my own version so you can see what I came up with.
My finished travel sewing kit, made with fat quarters fabric
Inside of my kit
I have a spot for pins and my scissors have a ribbon tie
A place for sewing needles, thimble and pocket for chalk
You can really go far with this simply design and have a lot of fun! You can do this by hand or machine. It's easy enough for beginners and those with experience can add more details. My kit gets a lot of use lately and really does travel well, so I'm happy to finally have one.

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