Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 The year of new crafts

Oh 2012, what a year you were! It's a full year now of us living in a new place (we love it here!). Discovering a new city and new people *plus several fellow crafty folk*. Going to new craft & arts fairs and venturing out on weekends. For myself, it's been discovering new sewing techniques, patterns and learning new skills.
~ I started to learn about applique and how to do this properly
~ How to better market my etsy goods for sale
~ Taking better photographs of my handy work
~ Visiting local craft fairs and meeting new people
~ Redesigning my craft room *just over the past month*
~ Learning more about 'zakka' and Japanese crafts

The above are some of my favorite things I made this year. I'll start from the top left:
~ Purple owl hand-held plush
~ A 'doodle stitching' embroidery of a cute hooded girl {doodle stitching by Aimee Ray here}
~ A zakka inspired bunny cell phone case
~ Felt food cake roll from a Japanese craft book

My etsy shop {sewingB} has done decent this year but I always wish it would pick up more new customers. Maybe I will try some small craft fairs in 2013, get my feet wet. I really can't handle large ones so I need to start small. And I already have several more items I want to list in my shop!
A beaded bib necklace in progress
Nearly finished tote bag
Mala/meditation bracelets
I hope the New Year finds you in good health and much happiness! Please feel free to write me ~ I love meeting new people and fellow crafters. Have a Happy Holiday everyone! 

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