Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ribbon Powder Puff DIY

Hello, I hope this finds you well. And may I say to everyone ~ Happy Holidays! I simply can not believe it's already December. With all this gift wrapping, shopping and running around you might be feeling craft-deprived. So I put together a little something for an easy, simple and fun project. The supplies you need are: a 'puff' ball of your choice, ribbon of your choice, thread and needle, some sort of craft/fabric glue.
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Let's get started on the DIY ribbon powder puff tutorial!

Step 1: pick your supplies out
Step 2: starting with the ribbon, cut length for the 'bow' part
Step 3: fold both ends to the middle
Step 4: pin ends in place
Step 5: we have our bow pinned, now cut a second ribbon
Step 6: pin both bow and ribbon in the middle, as shown
Step 7: cut a short piece of ribbon
Step 8: this short ribbon wraps around the middle (pin in place, sew)
Step 9: you now have a pretty bow, decide where you want it on the puff
Step 10: using your craft/fabric glue, glue the ribbon to the puff
Step 11: you are finished! one powder puff with pretty ribbon bow on top
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