Thursday, July 11, 2013

A little pantry project

It has been a fairly soggy start to summer here. I felt like I was solar powered, because the lack of sunshine was making me so cranky & tired. Sewing was lagging behind greatly ~ just didn't have the energy to do any! So instead I found a faster (and fun) project to try out ~ chalkboard paint!
Oh am I ever smitten with this paint, I had never ever tried it before! A friend encouraged me to buy some chalkboard pens to go with them (which I highly suggest) which lets your text stay put and not smudge but will wash off with soap and water later.

here are my supplies: chalkboard paint, a sponge 'brush', blue painters tape and wooden squares
I used blue painters tape to add some decorative edges to my pieces. And I purchased thin wooden squares to act as 'labels' for my jars I would later use. I taped my wooden pieces down to plastic, painted them over and it says to let them dry overnight. I ended up doing about three coats of paint total on mine.

see the cute edge design? try a scissor with a design on the blade (often in scrap booking aisle)
Once dry you remove the blue painters tape to reveal your design! I added ribbon to this one since it had a hole already drilled. 

pick the correct crafting glue for your project, this was good for wood on glass
Pick a good crafting clue to suit your project. I used one type called 'Goop' and it will work for gluing wood, glass, metal and more. I made sure to let my glued on piece sit over night. You wouldn't want your new chalkboard label to fall off later!

finished labeled mason jars!
I found everything I needed at the craft store. They sell the thin wooden shapes/labels for about 35 cents a piece. The paint is in a big container and will last you for many projects. The pens came in a four pack, they work much nicer then regular chalk. I already had glass mason jars sitting around, so no cost to me on those! I hope you have fun experimenting with a new medium this summer - it's even suitable for the kiddies. 

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