Monday, September 16, 2013

New season, new projects

Autumn is fast approaching (officially in a week!) and already I am thinking of new projects and Winter gifts to make. So here is a peek at what I am working on! I promise to return shortly with more photos and some "how to" for the super simple fabric bracelet!

Arrow charm fabric bracelet
The fabric bracelet was a lot of fun. I will share next time how to make one and you can easily customize the size. The cute rose gold colored arrow charm was from a too small bracelet I purchased. So if you ever happen upon something you love but it won't fit - don't fret! You can always personalize it and make it your own at home with craft supplies.

And this is a sneak peek at a Winter gift I am sewing. It will be part of a handmade set of place mats to match someone's kitchen. It's the first time I have honestly tried to do a quilt-like pattern. I wanted it to resemble an arrow, it will be sewn to a solid colored piece of fabric. I hope to make some matching coasters and cloth napkins too. 
I will have a longer post soon enough with more photos! I hope everyone has been doing well and is enjoying the change of seasons. 

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