Monday, October 7, 2013

Fabric charm bracelet - How To!

Hello everyone, welcome to Autumn! For a while there I thought it would never arrive, we had days of hot, muggy 80*F weather {yuck!} and I even had to dig out some capri pants. But after a weekend of heavy rains it seems Autumn has returned.
So sorry I am lazy at blogging, I just manage to be busy offline a lot. But as promised a short and sweet DIY How To project! All I used for my project was: fabric, sewing machine, metal snap, any metal charm you like.
Ok so lets this going, shall we?

I picked a blue cotton fabric, pink and solid ivory

Start by cutting some strips of fabric, one from each color. I cut about 8"s long and perhaps 1" to 3/4" in width. You may pick a different length or width depending on how wide or skinny you want your bracelet to be.

pick your metal charm for bracelet

I picked a metal rose colored arrow charm. It came from a store bought bracelet - but, it was far too small for my wrist. So I removed the pieces that attached to the ends of the charm. You can see this charm has holes at each end, which made it easy to use for a DIY bracelet!

my fabric strips - turned into a braid!

I took my fabric strips I had cut, folded them in HALF and just sewed them. Let the edges be raw for a chic cute homemade style! Then you simply braid your three fabric strips - as seen above. I then sewed my braided fabric to some ribbon on the back. Start at one end and just freehand stitch the braid to the ribbon - no need to be fancy. I used a pink shade of thread, it blended in and you couldn't see my stitches. 
Is yours all braided now and sewn to the ribbon backing? Good job! Now I just laid my braided piece out over my wrist - to get a measurement. I then laid my metal charm on top, I marked where to place the CHARM with some pins (as seen in above photo). 

all done - ta da!

Once you have the position for your charm, sew it on. To finish the bracelet I used small metal snaps for a closure. You can always just tie your longer braided pieces at the ends, or add a different type of closure. Here is an Etsy link for types of bracelet closures you could use. That's it!
I hope you enjoyed this fun fabric bracelet with charm. My coming posts are about my shop re-opening for the holidays {visit it HERE!} and my upcoming gifty-type projects I'm making.

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