Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Hanukkah

This year Hanukkah falls on the same date as Thanksgiving. There are children's painted hand prints of turkeys that also appear as menorah. Greeting cards for Hanukkah with silly turkeys. And this event of colliding holidays won't happen again for a VERY long time (no, really! read why here). So I hope you can enjoy some of both holidays this year, with some wonderful foods and festivities!

I decided to make my own flame-free menorah. It is all wooden, hand painted (I even made the white embossed mantel it is on) it has just 8 branches (instead of what you may often see, the 9 branched type). Since I don't need to light any real candles I stuck to 8 for my handmade menorah. We have pets including cats, I didn't want them to get curious over candles thinking "Oh look what the people did! Candles lit up, lets just go check them out with our jumping on things and big fluffy tails" you see my reasoning now?
My husband fried up some latkes which, by the way, are heavenly potato goodness! And I spent several weeks making a paper wreath by hand. It's all taped together (on the back, not visible on the front) and I'm really pleased with the finished piece. It is now hanging above our TV for all to see and brighten up the winter season.
 I hope everyone has a warm and festive Hanukkah 

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