Friday, December 20, 2013

A holiday of crafting

This has turned into one BUSY holiday season! I had some hand made gifts already done for people, just had to wrap them, simple (right?). Well being the holiday season that it is, some family will gain additional house guests. I decided to make a few more hand made things for gifts (which I hope they like, I went for 'useful' types).

soft flannel + some basic sewing

= hankies for the guys! monogrammed and ready to use

I don't have a fancy sewing machine, mine is a 10+ year old Janome (my baby!). To do the monogrammed hankies I had to get creative. I applied interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric, just in the area to be monogrammed. On the right side of the fabric, I used chalk to write the letter I'd be sewing. I then used a tight zig-zag stitch to achieve the monogram, practice on scrap fabric first! may take several tries to get the stitch you want the right width. 

 fun fabric + clasp

= lanyards for your wrist! perfect for the teachers I know

The lanyards  fun to make too! They are for two teachers in my family (both ladies) whom I thought might enjoy something colorful and useful. I picked the fabric, cute it the length I wanted and about 4"s in width. You fold in the center of the fabric (lengthwise) then fold again, just like making your own bias tape {DIY bias tape from CailaMade, skip to STEP 4 on here!} and you can iron it for a good sharp fold. You just sew the sides, turn to create a loop and decide how to add the metal clasp. A easy, affordable gift you can make for just about anyone!

almost done! the place mats and coasters set
And I wasn't able to finish the place mats with coasters set in time for a winter gift. I had to get all fancy on myself, decided to add some sashiko stitching. But once I'm done it will looking aha-mazing! I'm super happy with this freehand pattern I designed. I am also doing my own bias tape for the edges of these, since I didn't find a color to match. Sometimes that is a great way to match fabrics, just make your own bias tape - problem solved! 

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