Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Muggy days DIY hemmed shorts

It's muggy people, we are in the full swing of summer now! We have had a lot of rain over here, a few times roads flooded. But it's been wonderful for my garden ~ I do love my fresh vegetables!

Everybody, grab a raft and swim in the roads!

I've started to offer my seamstress services to my local friends. Wow, has it taken off! Word gets around fast nowadays and I've had several friends in my first 3 weeks of seamstress work. I have also had friends-of-friends who wanted me to hem, mend or alter things. I am working on getting a Google phone number to allow people to contact me by phone. That way I can keep my own cell number private but still have a way for customers to contact me directly. 

hemming pants

Along with my new seamstress work I hope to participate in a craft fair or two this holiday season. I haven't done one in years and am so out of the loop. But I want to make some holiday themed gifts to sell. And plushie style toys, I adore making cute things for all ages to enjoy! I still need to decide just what to make for it, since I have piles of patterns to pick from. 

DIY add length to shorts project!
Here are some shorts from the thrift store I added length to. It's a very easy thing to do with a sewing machine or simply by hand stitching. 
- First pick a type of fabric for the added length. I picked a cotton fabric with some blue to match my shorts. Measure around the shorts leg opening, be sure to add about 2"s to the measurement for some wiggle room.
- I took my cotton fabric, decided I wanted it about 2 1/2"s in width (length was my measurement I took around leg opening, refer to above). Cut the cotton fabric, set aside. 
- Turn your shorts inside out and decided where you want to sew the fabric on - I decided about 1" on the shorts opening. I used pins to mark this but you can use fabric chalk or fabric markers. 

My plastic clear ruler I use for measuring.

- I took my cotton fabric I had previously cut and turned under about 1/2" and stitched it with my machine, this will be the new leg opening and will not fray. 
- Remember how you marked the 1" on the shorts? Take the un-stitched edge of your cotton fabric, pin to the 1" line on the shorts leg opening. Sew across, sew edges (it will be a loop now) then repeat to other leg opening.

My shorts where a thrift store purchase, the new hem came to about 2"s after sewing. 

Ready for summer!

I hope you have fun altering your own thrift store and summer attire! Please visit my shop for hand made, hand crafted artisan gifts. Support the small businesses online and keep the arts alive!

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