Monday, July 27, 2015

N E W S and upcoming DIY project

News to share ~ super excited to have ordered some new fancy business cards! This is a screenshot of what I picked and it will have more detailed info on it. I used Vista Print online for my cards, which gives you options such as: use your own logo, info to add to card, place info on both sides, use a photo, add matching items during your order. If you visit Vista Print now, you can use a savings code SAVEBIG for a discount on select order. I don't get any brownie points for sharing bout certain blogs (I wish I did!) and simply wanted to give a thumbs up to this place. I also will have a Google number to share for my business.

And when I get to it, since I like to share lots of pics, a DIY project for scalloped shorts! I had seen some in the stores this summer but frowned upon the price (umm... $50 for shorts?!) and decided to use a plain navy pair I owned. You will need shorts you can alter, a cup or mug (to draw the scalloped edge) and I used lingerie elastic for the edges (but biased tape is fine). So that will be my next post, all about making your plain summer shorts into something more fancy. Have fun in the summer sun everyone! 

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