Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Scalloped edge DIY shorts

Hi everyone, how are you? Summer is packing it's bags and heading out. My garden is ready to be turned down for another year. The leaves on trees are just showing signs of changing color of foliage. But before we leave summer behind, the last shorts DIY!
I had shorts I just found were too long in length. I decided it was time to make them fancy! You will need some fabric markers or chalk, an object with a round edge (such as a glass or cup), scissors and bias tape for the edge.

First, decide where on the shorts you want the scalloped edge. You may want it higher then the hem of the shorts or right on the hem - it's up to you. Next take your round edge item (I used a glass) and place it by the hem. Trace with the fabric marker/chalk to draw a half circle. Repeat this step around the leg opening.

Cut the traced scalloped edge. You can use bias tape which comes folded for you - or, I used colored lingerie elastic. You will then pin around the edge and you may: sew it by machine Or sew by hand. I did mine by hand since the elastic is a tad silky (and slipper) on the sewing machine.

sewing edge by hand

It's that simple to complete! It's a fun way to make your clothing unique and personalize. It's also resourceful and you don't need to purchase new styles. 

I hope to be involved in some craft fairs this holiday season. So I will mention where and when as that time approaches. Otherwise I have some new patterns I might be sewing and offering to customize in my Etsy shop. Until then, welcome autumn weather! Pumpkin spice everything! 

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