Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars Snowflakes DIY

May the Force Be with You! Oh yes, I am 'that' nerdy/geeky friend who is in fact giddy with happiness over going to the movie theatre! Usually my spouse and I rarely go, since it costs over $20 for two adult tickets (forget buying the snacks, I'm not The Empire rich!).


To get you in the spirit of the fun, here are some cool DIY paper snowflakes - Star Wars themed! This rad dude named Anthony Herra designed these, free of use. Here is the direct link to his AnthonyHerraDesigns website with instructions and downloads to print then cut.

Here are samples of images from online, all sources sited.

This is something I feel kids will find difficult. I had to trace the cut pieces on several folded areas to get the shape cut nicely. And you use an exacto knife, much easier then tiny scissors. It took at least one practice snowflake for me to get one looking nice. But it sure is fun and they are very large, they fit a 11 x 8" paper. You can print the pdf to cut from if you follow the link in the website listed. Have fun, be sure to decorate those droids nice! 

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