Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer projects

It's hot... it's humid... I'm melting away! So what does one do when it's hot, humid and every time you step outside you sweat away 3 pounds?! Why, indoor projects!

I'm working on some little things here and there. I do have a large sewing project I want to tackle but haven't had the room or time for it yet. You want to know why?

Izzy the dog
The reason I can't pull out my huge table to cut fabric on is because - I'm pet sitting! Above is a picture of Izzy, a terrier mix. I am also watching a big ole boy named Willie, along with my own dog (and two cats). My cats out weigh the smaller dog, and they aren't afraid to let her know this (with various forms of hissing). So basically I can't do much with a full house here. 

But I have done a few little projects I'd been wanting to do. I love to put a decoration on our front door each season or holiday. So for summer, I wanted something rustic and a little farm-ish in style. I found these lovely chicken wire, metal letters at JoAnn Fabrics on sale two weeks ago. I picked one out, picked some ribbon and faux flowers and went to town. It made for a nice afternoon project while stuck indoors avoiding the heat outside. 

Don't be intimidated by the above finished piece! You honestly can pick up supplies for under $15 and play around to get something you love. I sometimes use reference photos I see online, otherwise I just let my creativity flow. To hold everything on the wired letter, I used old bread twist ties (since I have a surplus of them). 

I'm also making things for my shop on Etsy. Check it out for what I have up for sale, because these will be listed shortly. I figured with extra doggies around, I could make dog bandannas! Here is the small sized, which I have 2 finished now (different fabrics). The bandanna slips onto the dogs own collar, so no need to tie it on. I use dog bandannas on my own dog all the time. I use it for visibility, since he is medium sized and almost complete tan in color. I also use it for spraying bug spray onto the fabric, instead of the dogs skin. 

my model Izzy, in the fashionable heart print bandanna 

So for summer, it's little things and projects. I'm also already playing with yarn for future winter things. Because... reasons. Because we are all secretly longing for a break from the heat (am I right?!)

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