Tuesday, August 9, 2016

End of Summer

Summer is winding down and the days are becoming cooler, the nights more quiet. The cicada have finished their songs of summer, the fireflies are starting to leave. Our summer has been very hot and dry this year. We certainly could have used more rainy days to encourage the gardens to grow and flourish.

I've spent my time altering clothes, trying out some giant crochet hooks on thick yarn and ~ butterflies! So please enjoy my round-up of summertime photos. Thank you for continuing to be followers of my little blog. And for being supportive of small artisans, seamstresses and buying locally USA made goods.
summer time frozen non-dairy ice cream

local farmer's market treats!

my long sheer coat I made & my awesome folding craft table

I finished the tank top

my fairy house from wooden bird house & clay

I raised and released painted lady butterflies

I hope everyone had a fun, enjoyable and memorable summer! I am looking forward to listing new items soon: dog bandannas and felt character charms. So do check in with my Etsy shop shortly to view new listings. 

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  1. I love your page and all it inspires! You make me want to get at sewing all the time to create new things. Love it, Kathy


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