Friday, December 2, 2011

35% Off Sale & Gifting

It's the holiday rush, people will knock out teeth for some deal at a big name store (after waiting for hours in line in the cold)! But honestly, who wants to deal with that? Not me and likely not many of you out there.
So the alternative, you ask? Shop online, shop local and make handmade gifts! I have a 35% Off SALE going on right now to help you in buying affordable handmade gifts this season. So please stop by my CraftinessbyB shop to find something for that special someone this season.
Now if you feel the urge to make handmade I have a list for you! Daunting you say, I thought so too. But just 2 weeks ago I decided to make a few things for gifts this year.

Handmade gift idea #1: soaps
Gift wrapped homemade soaps

Soaps can be a fun & easy gift to make for others. I went to Michaels craft store and found a soap base (they have olive oil, shea and others). They come in a big block, just pick some coloring and scents *sold right next to them* and go home to your kitchen! I added dry tea leaves, flowers and even oatmeal to some. I melted the soap in the microwave in a microwave safe container, then poured it into molds. Here is a great DIY on soap making by Bridal Buds.

Handmade gift idea #2: lip balm and lotion

Lip balms with shimmer

Lotions, lip balms and soap ~ oh my!

I started small, I bought a sample size balm base plus balm tubes on Etsy by CandleLynnSupplies. Her base is just right, natural ingredients and easily melts. Now I got it in my head I wanted more so back to Michaels store I went and found a 'spa' kit with lip balm and lotion supplies. Let me say this: the kit was fun, it had supplies to make all this (includes scent, colors, labels, containers) but their lip balm base was a pain! If you want to play with just making lip balms I highly suggest going to Lynn for good supplies.

Handmade gift idea #3: handmade by you!

Yep, good ole fashioned handmade gifts. They can be just about anything you enjoy making and giving. And for those with kids you just know people adore the kiddie gifts. Their hand prints, their paper ornaments, photos, artwork. To help you get those crafty juices flowing here is a great list of 101 Handmade Gifts from Everything Etsy. Cute ideas such as this one, or this one, oh and this one!
I hope I have given you some great ideas this year and you can now be on your holiday gifting way!

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